Feb 6, 2006
G'Day To Everyone,

First I would like to say thank you to everyone, what a wonderful site.
It always amazes me how much information you can find out here or there on the WEB.
We live in Holland Michigan.

My wife and I had been in to reef tanks for a couple years.
Our main tank is a 90 gallon with the 35 refugium and a 20 gallon sump.
Her tank is a 55 gallon hex.
I have of 50 gallon do-it-yourself grow out tank on the front porch,
it looks like a five-year-old built it for a science project at school.
But it holds water, and I grow frags in it!

My wife said I could get an octopus.
BUT( you shouldn't see that one coming)
I have to finish a couple other projects first.
First I have to finish remodeling our new bedroom.
Then I have to remodel the computer room, that's where the octopus will be living.

So it will be a couple months before I will have a home for a new octopus.
But what an incentive!
So when a get the couple degrees warmer, I will be swinging my hammer!

Some other hobbies that were into.
Web sites, every time we get a new hobby . we get a new web site.
Salt Water Tanks
Our World
The wife's site chat room lies
Holland, Michigan,..., close, but no cigar :smile:
A hearty welcome from Holland,..., urrrrr, Holland!! Look forward to reading your first hand experiences as a first timer. Quite sure you'll enjoy this wonderful little corner of the web


PS: Astronomy as a hobby with dark skies to match, you're a lucky man, Russ, I guess that's where Michigan takes the biscuit :wink:
thank you cuttlegirl for the welcome!

ob your right , it's no cigar.
I don't even think it's in the same ballpark.
I spent a few years in Germany and had the privilege of visiting the "REAL" Holland during a Tulip Festival.
What a wonderful place!
I remember one huge tulip park in Vogalsang (sp).
There were tulips of every conceivable color, and some that were not colors known to man.
I also remember "Little" Park, it was Europe in the miniature.
Plains trains and automobiles were all moving.
There was in a boat that caught on fire in a tugboat came up and put out the fire.
I have very fond memories of the"REAL" Holland.

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