G2 Update


Colossal Squid
Staff member
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Nov 20, 2002
G2 seems to be doing wonderfully! He inks more than any of the other bimacs I have had. He startles very easily even by a different color shirt I have on. His new position is sitting in the corner of the front of his tank. I think he watches TV as his position is where he can see it!! His growth has slowed so I think we were right in thinking he is a Carribean 2 spot. (forget the scientific name) Appetite has been non stop! He eats daily! I need to think about switching him to my 44 Gal in my bedroom, as sometimes I think there is too much activity for him being in the middle of my livingroom because of the amount of startling and inking he does.
Nice pics! Odd about the extreme nervousness...guess he just doesn't have that "laid back" california attitude! :biggrin2:
Hi Carol,

The 2 spot is filosus... any idea where this one came from?
Hi Colin!

That's was it!! Filosus!!! He came from the Carribean. Deffinately attitude and not that "laid back Californian Attitude" the bimacs have!!!!

He inked 2'xs the other day! Had the tank a little cloudy, but I have a massive Eheim filled with carbon, as well as a bubble filter loaded so it was sucked out immediately. My protein skimmer took a dive, so I have to get another one. I am thinking this weekend to redo Inklet's tank and try to move G2 into the larger tank.
Cool ! Never have seen that species! maybe he will calm down as he settles in... :biggrin2:
You've certainly kept a lot of interesting octos, Carol. It's worked out well for you - so far you haven't had one outgrow its tank! :smile:

G2 is remarkable, love his color and texture changes!

What temp is your tank Carol? They are more fidgity and inky at warmer temps
Also, I don't know whether this is relevant, but I noticed that Ollie was much more nervous and prone to start or ink a month or two before she laid eggs. It was a change. She was OK after she saw us, but we had to be careful how we approached the tank so she wasn't startled.

Tanks at 76! I think he's just more jittery due to his species. He is a smaller octo than the bimacs. Hopefully it's not due to egg laying, as he's always puffed ink from the get go! Let's see...July 18th G2 came home with us, so he's only been here a little over 2 months. We just need to be sure he see's us when approaching the tank. I can drum my fingers on the glass and he's fine with that. He is in a very active area of my livingroom, but I am the only one who's ever startled him enough to puff ink!!!
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