FYI - W/D Filters - Good Deal $129.99

Jan 8, 2004
Just as matter of FYI -

The following link wll take you to a great deal on W/D Filtration, pump, overflow included. $129.99

I have one on everyone of my tanks and swear by them.

This would suffice a 55 gallon.

I do not have any association with this site, but by far one of the best deals I have seen, and I live in Jax, Fl where a lot of W/D are produced.

As a matter of fact I used this link to make my lfs honor this price.
BOE exactly why I put on here. Felt that it is a good buy all around. Seperately that could easily cost more than 175.00 bux. US

And truthfully I want to do my part to make sure all the octos of the world, in our care, have the best water possible. LOL :mrgreen:

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