future grad student looking for answers


Jul 23, 2007
Hi all!
I'm in the process of applying for Grad school and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to the best places to study cephalopods. I'm interested in behavior as well as metabolic pathways...well actually, pretty much everything. Anyone know of some good profs to study under? Thanks!
There are several researchers in th U.S. that study cephs too many to list here. But there are a lot of people doing work in other countries like Australia,Spain, Japan, etc. Also, you do not always have to go with someone already doing work with cephs you can find someone doing behavioror metabolic work with other animals and maybe they would be interested in doing a project with cephs.
hello from Newport Beach

don't have any cuttlefish here but we do have lots of squid and octopi. There was recently a huge influx of squid( much to local fishermen's delight) over at Catalina but they moved on--don't know where.
I am a swimmer,diver and designer who has always lived at the beach.
My daughter is a CalTech grad in molecular biology and currently a phD student at Univ.Ca Irvine in Environmental Microbial Bio. She studies the interelationships of microbes in ecosytems on the molecular level through dna analysis. Microbes are the first indicators of environmental change so it is important to understand them.
We are supporters and contributors to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as well as various other environmental groups including WWF and GreenPeace.
Just recently discovered this board and am looking forward to an exciting exchange of ideas and information about cephalopods--some of our favorite ocean creatures.
:welcome: to both of you!

I wonder if I've met your daughter, lasirena... I've only recently started hanging out with undergrads a bit after a few off years, so probably not, but if she was in Blacker or Dabney I may have run into her...
ESA Conference

yes, she is a "darb" ( Dabney House) as they say, '03. :grad:
Anyone attending the ESA( Ecological Society) conf in San Jose in a couple weeks? She is presenting a paper. I'll be there to see what the scientists from NOAA, USGA , and the research universities are up to!

:snorkel: Cs

maybe I'll see some of the cephalophiles at the conf!
Welcome to Tonmo...I am looking forward to the information I am sure you will be bringing us !

Especially us stuck in the desert.


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