Fund raising

Mar 23, 2005
Tonmo won't fund raise on this site,but he didn't say someone else couldn't do it for him. Thus, a suggestion.
If someone wants to help fund this new site, but can't come up with a single larger donation, one way to do it is to set up an automatic credit card deduction on a monthly basis. It's fairly painless that way, and Tonmo will have a steady source of income that he can count on. If you're interested in doing it that way, PM or email Tonmo to work out details. I'm not sure if there's a minimum amount that he can do that with, there may be credit card penalties if the amount is less than $10.00, but lots of NGOs encourage donations made that way, and some of them will accept donations in $5.00 increments. Think about it, at $10.00 a month that will cost you about $0.33 a day, and will give Tonmo $120.00 a year to help keep this site going. What is that, one latte a week? Most of us could afford that, I suspect, although I've had lean years when that would have been beyond me, and I'm sure there are members who are also in those lean those of us who can do it, should try to give a tiny bit more in consideration of those who would like to but are struggling financially.

We really need to support Tonmo in appreciation for all it gives to us.

Now I will quit begging.....thanks in advance to all of you.

Sorseress :biggrin2:
bobwonderbuns said:
I was thinking of suggesting hiking the supporter fee to anywhere from $35 to $50 per year. How does that sound to y'all?
I would hate to discourage anyone who has to think twice about becoming a supporter at the $25.00 rate. Giving more than that would always be possible, but I know some of our students, and maybe others, have a bit of a stretch even to make the $25. It maight be possible to have a levels of support thing, but I personally don't think that's necessary, or even desirable.
Wow, I really wish I could subscribe. Unfortunately, my pocket money level is down to about :twocents:. But, once I'm done paying up my various expences, a Tonmo subscription will be my first priority!!!

Joey: You have been sponsored by a member of the staff! This means that your annual subscription has been paid for by that person. Congrats!
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