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Frozen food...

Mar 31, 2003
Just a post to let people know how happy I am that Pixel has started accepting frozen food (shrimp and scallops so far, I might pick up something new the next time I am at the seafood shop).

Some things I have learned: Make sure you defrost the entire piece of food. Also make sure you cut a manageable piece of food.

He is almost three months old now, and started accepting frozen foods at about 2.5 months old.

This certainly makes my life a lot easier.

Any suggestions on what other frozen seafood I could offer him?
It's good that Pixel is now accepting frozen food! It makes things easier, and also less expensive. I hope you don't abandon all live food - I think the two can be mixed - add a live crab or shrimp now and again.

I've tried various kinds of fish, and Ollie had sometimes accepted it, but she really prefers shrimp and scallops. Tell the people at your fish market that you need samples for your octopus. Take a Pixel pic along, and you'll probably get some free octo food!

I have been very glad that I offered Ollie food on the feeding stick. Now that she's holed up in her den watching the eggs, it would be much more difficult to feed her without the feeding stick. it's also a way to keep physical contact.

Mine has taken quite a liking to frozen Silversides. I get them about 1 1/2"-2" long, about as thick as a pencil. He cannot get enough of them. I alternate live crawfish with these to give him some variety.
squid.... they are fond of some calamari too! But not advised if you are keeping cephs together!!! They get a taste for each other!
I have also tried krill/prawn with some luck. I'm sure if he could eat flakes he would though. There are 2 clowns in the same tank as him. When I put in some flakes for them he come barreling out of his den. The "smell" must be enticing. But, after he does a thorough search of the tank for food, he never finds the mystery "smell", and will return to his den.
Nope, no anemones. I just cant get the clowns (or the small damsel) out. I do have 2 mushrooms and a sea matte in there though. I dont believe these will cause any damage. I have tried to remove these fish, but short of removing all the rock and the octopus' den, I wont be able to get them out. On the good hand though, the octopus was a little timid around them, but that had all changed after about 2 weeks. Even when they bolt as fish sometimes do, he barely even bats an eye, where previously he would recoil or go back into his den. They seem to be a happy family. The octopus is significantly larger than the fish though too. The female clown is only and 1-1/2". he male and the damsel are smaller.
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