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For Sale: Captive Bred Cuttlefish - S. Bandensis

Feb 18, 2005
Since I have been lucky enough to successfully breed Sepia Bandensis, I have available some Captive Bred hatchlings and eggs. Keep in mind these are captive bred not captive raised that is normally available.

The Cuttle farm Army (Me) will be partnering with Thales (Rich) of Daisy Hill Cuttle Farm to sell these.

Pricing reflects the the fact that they are captive bred plus the time and costs it takes to care for these animals.

Eggs - $15
Hatchling to 1.5 month (Eating Live) - $50
1.5months-4months (Eating Frozen) - $75
Male/Female Pair - $160

+ shipping/box fees

Please serious inquiries only. Depending on demand, it may be possible to place a hold on cuttles for 1-2 weeks with prepayment and a 50% refundable if you decide to back out.

Since ceph keeping is still relatively new and there is much to be learned, I would like to encourage recipients of these cuttlefish to participate in a tracking system to see how far we can go with continued keeping and breeding. This can be done through posting journals and experiences here on Tonmo and a system we will put together shortly. This is a chance to be a part of making bandensis more known and available in the US. Hopefully soon, we will never need to collect these from the wild again!

General info on the species available here:

Pictures and history of these cuttles and thier parents can be found here:



Here is a quick video I put together of 0-2 week old hatchlings.
Feb 18, 2005
30 gallon would be ok for a male/female pair. I would advise having a sump though to add water volume.

However, I will not have male/female pairs until a couple months. Cant sex them until they are older. Sorry I forgot to mention this. What I have available now are mostly hatchlings and a limited number of eggs. More eggs should be available within the next couple weeks. Im waiting for them to mature a little longer before taking them out of my display tank, which in itself will be a big chore!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jan 22, 2004
Sweet a Cuttle Army and Daisy Hill joint!

I also have a 8 captive raised bandensis for sale, 40 each plus everything above, that are eating frozen mysis.

Cephs rock!