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Aug 23, 2006
I guess my octopus will die then, since no one is willing to send me the food that I am willing to pay.

Every website that has been offered to me by regular customers at Tonmo have denied shipping products that I want to pay for.

I even offered to buy some food from someone from the site and I have not received a response. If all else fails, I will feed him a diet of land hermit crabs.

I feel at a loss.
I've answered this on another recent post in this forum.

Does anyone else have an idea where Apryl can get live food for her octopus? No one seems to want to ship to Montana in winter.

We don't have any snow on the ground. There are places that are dealing with blizzards right now and they ship to them but not us. Kind of makes you wonder about the common sense there...
Yeah. Attempted. Too bad he's picky. Man. I got emo in that post didn't I? I'm sorry guys. I'm just so worried about him! I fed him 2 crabs this past weekend, so maybe he's extra full on them?

Sach's is being sweet and sending me some leftovers that he has in his tank. I told him I would send him extra money for the trouble.

I got the land hermit crabs yesterday from Pet Co and I made sure they were all healthy (No missing limbs, etc). He took to them right away and gobbled them up! He'll be super full now by the time the crabs arrive which is a good thing, since the crabs thrive well for at least 5-6 weeks in my tank.
Hi Apryl! :welcome:

I live in Boulder, Colorado and am totally buried in snow here and have been for weeks. I get my food from my LFS. They order whatever I ask for. I have fiddler crabs on the way to try on this octo. They always have snails, hermit crabs and brine shrimp at a minimum. Maybe your local store can just ship them in for you like mine does, this way you avoid shipping charges because it's just another part of their regular shipment. You can also keep some of these in the tank like the snails and hermits so your octo. can eat when it wants. I have read on this site that they do not over eat.

Maybe a place like PetsMart won't send them to you; the local fish only store will have more options for you rather than a chain store. All of my octo's. have eaten brine, which all LFS carry live as well as ghost shrimp. The ghosties are not the most beneficial healthwise, but are certainly better than nothing.

Also, because the stores here are closing now and then due to the amount of snow, they told me to put them in the refridgerator so they go into hibernation mode and don't die so quickly. Brine and ghost shrimp last days this way so you can keep your fish AND your octo happy and spoiled. :mrgreen:

I truely hope this helps you! Maybe I can FedEx you some from here; there is always stock in these local stores; they're great! Give that a try and I'll keep checking back k? k. :mrgreen:

Fishy1 :goldfish:
As I've stated before, he won't eat frozen shrimp lol or anything frozen except maybe fiddler crabs. I think octopus can actually overeat. He has done it several times out of his piggyness. He'll take a break from eating for a few days and fall back into his usual routine. Right now he's been in his den munching on fiddler crabs. He's doing just fine now, but I will look into the suggestion of pet stores that aren't chain. Maybe my LFS will order some larger salt water hermit crabs or fiddler crabs.

Good luck with the snow! We just have blistering cold weather.
Have you tried crayfish? Most local shops can get these in pretty regularly and I know it's not the best nutritionly, but seems to be very well liked. Also I have had great success with the tiny prawn they sell for saltwaterfish.


You mentioned tiny prawn? I have seen several references using this term vs shrimp (I feed grass shrimp to my dwarf lion but neither of my octopuses seem interested so the shrimp just clean the tank) and am curious about the difference. Are you referring to baby versions of the normal eating shrimp or are they something else?

The prawn is sold by petshops, frozen in 2oz, 4oz, etc packs and every octo I have ever had has loved it. Will have to pick up some and see what Spike thinks of it.
How big are the individual prawn. Do the ones you find still have the heads attached?

I have been unable to find "whole" shrimp in the limited seafood markets here (forget any of my local pet stores ;>) but may be able to find some in Atlanta or have my sister ship some up from Tampa. I did an internet search to see if I could find a difference between a prawn and a shrimp and found sort of a connotation/denotation differentiation, meaning that they are actually different species but the terms are used interchangeably with larger shrimp being called prawn (which is why I asked about the size that you find in the pet store).


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