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Aug 1, 2004
hey i havent posted in awhile but im back and i have a new octopus but he doesnt seem to eat hes real small. i tried giving him small hermits but so far nothing. any info please write back.

franco :mrgreen: :shock:
Hi Franco,

Where did you get your new octopus and what species is it? Could it be a dwarf or is it a very young octopus?

Are all your water parameters good? What is the sg and the pH?
What about nitrites, nitrates and ammonia? This could affect eating.
Octos need good water quallity.

Have you tried small pieces of thawed frozen shrimp (or fresh shrimp, if you can get it), or pieces of fresh scallop? Try food like this - but be sure to remove after a half day if he doesn't eat.

I dont want to highjack the thread, but since we are talking about food I thought Id chime in with a food question. I know feeding goldfish is terrible,, but what about breeding mollies in saltwater for food? I bought half a dozen and am expecting babies any day now, but then realized someone said freshwater food is bad because of the fat. These will be raised in saltwater, on a "reef" diet.

Thoughts? Also,,, does anyone have any cheap online vendors for bait shops IE, live crabs, shrimp etc?

I hear about all these people feeding fiddler crabs, but I cant imagine paying 4-5 bucks each when they will eat 1-2 a day.
Try this for fiddler crabs. They are about $1.25 each including shipping. Many of us have bought from this supplier and found him quite reliable.

The shrimp are also good but your octo must be a little older to catch them well.

Then try pieces of fresh or frozen but thawed shrimp, fresh scallops, snails, mussels (opened) and so forth.

I don't think the mollies are a good idea, but I'd like to hear what Colin has to say (and he's away for a few days).

Hi Nancy / LiquidFunk

Most of the problems associated with goldfish would be true of mollies, that's if they were shop bought. Problems would be things like if copper medications had been used etc.

But if the mollies were captive bred and kept free of such medications then it is better but not perfect as a lot of criticisms about feeding fish to invertebrates is with the fatty contents of the fish.

There is no substitute for feeding cephalopods what they naturally eat... crustaceans!

I offered about one crab a day plus frozen shrimp or fresh scallop or some other treat. But she was most enthusiastic when I gave her three at a time.


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