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food tank q's............


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 16, 2004
I have an extra 5 gallon tank that im not using.Can i use it as a food tank?
Could i put the baby clams in there from octo pets?And maybe some crabs from the ocean to?Any help would be appreciated.If i cant use it as a food tank what could i use it for?Thanks
It's small, but you could use it for a food tank. Do you have any filtration or pump? Otherwise you'll have to do water changes.

Just FYI, I've found it convenient to keep crabs in a low round bowl that the pet stores sell (I think it was eight or nine dollars) because it's easy to pick up (it's a one-piece glass bowl) and easy to change the water.

Id maybe add a few rocks and stuff for the crabs to hide in as they (well mine did) fight a lot sometimes
definitely I will, I might be going to the beach today to collect some food for my octo(maybe even find an octo!).Do i need a substrate?I will definitely add rocks...........thanks!

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