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Food Supply


Feb 11, 2004
I'd like to hear what a lot of you do to get octo food. I live in Michigan, so finding my own crabs is not an option. I have thought about crayfish.

I would really like to find a good supply of live food that isn't going to cost a fortune.

Has anyone bought the clams that they sell on octopets.com?
Hi m8298 and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

A lot of people with ocotpuses have your same problem - only a few of our octo owners are fortnate enough to live by the sea where they can find fresh crabs and other good food.

Lots of our octo owners buy the baby clams from octopets. This is good food to start out with, since your octo was raised on it. Amphipods are good, too. Then you can start adding very small crabs (hermit crabs) and small pieces of frozen raw shrimp. You can try other things too, like fresh scallops. When your ocoto is larger, you can feed some crawfish, fiddler crabs.

You can reduce costs by feeding mainly the frozen shrimp or fresh scallops and offering live food as a treat several times a week. Two good live foods to mailorder are fiddler crabs and shore shirmp (when your octo is larger).

i am fortunate enough to live less than an hour from the beach!

I am able to collect hundreds of soldier crabs at a time!! and pump for yabbies and pippis. OK so i probably wouldnt ever need hundreds but about 80 - 100 as there is no collection caps in our area!!! swarms of them!!! just grab em and shove em in a bucket!!!

Actually i havent tries pipis yet...will they be ok? They are so easy to get hold of and at any size!!!
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