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Aug 23, 2006

I am thinking of ordering crayfish as a treat for my octopus from this website. They have been very helpful in providing me with information as Nancy has also! Thanks Nancy!

I will be attempting Sach's again. I've loved doing business and I would hate to buy anywhere else--I wouldn't trust anyone else for octopus food! I'm going to buy the 10 pack of crayfish and 10 fiddlers.

He loves lobster tails as treats, (fresh caught) so maybe he'll enjoy the crayfish as well. I'd assume they'd have the same flavor as crab/lobster.

Any comments, suggestions?

That's where I get the lobster tail from and other crab ^_~

He will NOT eat anything dead. I'm going to be ordering the crabs tonight.
WhiteKiboko;85429 said:
where about are you? maybe there a quasi-local mudbug source....

You are showing your southern roots...

One of my four-year-old's favorite songs is "Mudbug" by Lisa Haley.

It's too funny to hear her little voice singing "Don't you mess with my mudbug, cause you're gonna draw back a stub"...

Another source of live food might be an Asian market or seafood store. They sometimes have live shrimp or crabs.

Crawfish are usually available in season in grocery stores that cater to Mexican shoppers. But remember, crawfish should be used as treats, not as the main foodsource, because they are freshwater.

If you live near the ocean, bait shops could carry fiddlers or small shrimp.

I guess I should mention that I'm in Montana and that is why I am so desperate. Our bait shops carry worms and bloodworms only. After all, it is Montana. We don't have Asian food markets. I thought of searching for some on google but I couldn't find any.
Thawed frozen shrimp is an excellent food. Will your octopus take thawed frozen shrimp? I sometimes would buy (or ask to have samples or they gave me free) small bits of marine fish from the seafood counter at the grocery, just to try out. You might try this, too.

I don't think your octopus will die, and maybe in 2 months or so the shippers will send you crabs or other frozen food.


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