Food Network Horror Show


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Mar 15, 2003
For those of you with the Food Channel, and a strong stomach, they are having a back to back "octopus battle" on Iron Chef tomorrow night (saturday)... :x
You will see octopus breaded while still alive, cut into little pieces while trying to escape...all the things that make you shriek.
I will be avoiding the tv at all costs...
2 in a row.... SWEET......

oh quit whining..... go join pakoc if you object..... :roll:

kobe and sakai... dont worry im sure theyll be more tree hugger friendly than chen or michiba/morimoto would.... given the western style....
I'd forgotten all about P. man...wonder where he got to? :biggrin2:
Shanlyn was aghast at the use of live animals in breading...I got to admit, there is nothing that makes me very hungry about consuming live animals...I even kill lobsters before I boil them.
Those guys make me laugh...last week they served whale meat/blubber in one of the dishes and two of the tasters wouldn't eat it due to political have to chuckle !
I have nothing against eating the fellers, I just want them to die comfortably, with minimal pain, they could at least freeze the little guys first.
I notice that even the best cooking resources (such as Cook's Magazine) now want you to kill lobsters before cooking. (There is a simple, quick way to do this.) This is a change from some years ago. Lobsters were the animal most subjected to being cooked alive.

i havent watched my tape with the double octopus battle yet, but in a show with morimoto vs flay from a couple years ago, bobby flay (who i personally dont care for) was using squid ink in a rock crab battle.....
Flay's problem is that he comes off as a snob...I mean, Wolfgang Puck is more people friendly!
Whenl you think about it, cephs probably are a pretty good food source...I mean, the animal reaches mature weight in two years or so...and reproduces like a bunny !
But breading them while still alive? Not for me.
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