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Food, frequency, and quantity


Sep 6, 2022
Einstein and his new dining room. I’m trying to figure out his appetite. When I initially put him in the tank, had a lot of hermits and snails. He devoured those quickly. Now I need to figure out how much he wants to eat or needs to eat. After posting lesson started reading and there’s a lot of information here so I’ll do some research.


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I feed mine with a piece of thawed shrimp twice a day, the size between the end of an eye to the other. I wait for it to finish eating and he will throw away the leftovers, I grab them out of the tank immediatly with tweezers (could be rests of venom in them) to avoid excess of nutrients in water. I know my answere may be late but I think this could help others reading this thread :smile:. I hope Einstein is doing well!
Haha, sounds like Einstein is quite the gastronomic explorer in his new dining room! It's always interesting trying to gauge their appetite. Good call on the research – knowledge is power when it comes to taking care of our scaly friends.
I know some people prefer to stick to a certain schedule when it comes to food, but I prefer to eat whenever I feel hungry. I know that my body knows better what I need.
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