Flinto Ages 3-6, The Octopus in a Box


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Sep 4, 2006
New educational toy subscription in India. Unfortunately for parents/teachers outside of India, they do not currently ship internationally.

Vijay explains how each box comes with three activities — one related to art, one to science, and one is an experiment. “Kids feel different about making their own toy and hold it dearer than one you buy them,” points out Arun. It includes some activities to be done with the hand — it could be hand-painting, or tearing along a dotted line to make their own wiggly snake, or making their own wind-chime with shells. Then there is a game — a board, tile or card game. Each box is also accompanied by a story book. “It’s more a comic strip adventure of Flinto the octopus, which comes with a simple moral or is a trigger for kids to create their own stories,” says Vijay.
Each month comes riding on the back of a theme or a concept. When they did a “space adventure” theme, the box came with simple materials for kids to build their own telescope, there was a two-sided jigsaw puzzle, and you could create your own “moon lamp”. Themes so far have included “Nature’s music” to introduce children to sounds in nature, “Into the sea” and “Fun with numbers”. They immediately jump to clarify that the last theme was not academic at all. “It helps children learn early numeracy — children are given their own currency to learn to buy and sell vegetables,” adds Arun.


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