Fish from Hell - 1945

Weird Colin. I tried a couple of browsers. Would you try again and let me know if it still doesn't work?
Mikey did it....
Oh that was funny. Not exactly a David Attenborough commentary, how things have moved on, thank goodness. The commentators ludicrous enthusiasm and hyperbole reminds me of the narrator in the old Batman TV series.

Still, at least it's given me a new signature!
Hah, ok i got it eventually from the main site, dunno why it wouldnt go from your site Rich? No matter, it was a great wee clip from the past and certainly makes me glad to see that things have really moved on.
Amazing how they just 'dealt' with the shark!
Rich, for some reason I cant actually view any of you videos??? I dont undertstand why as I dont have that problem anywhere else??? My IE is up to date and I commonly use both media player 10 and realplayer to watch streams etc...


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:oops: yeah thats the reason then :roll:

but to be fair it didnt say that on the site LOL :lol:

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