First pics of baby Squiggly eating fresh scallop


Oct 16, 2003
Well day 2 with squiggly I didnt expect to see him come out at all, I bet you could imagine how surprised I was to see him out and about when I returned from the fish market. So I quickly cut a small piece of scallop hoping for the best and he took it from the feeding stick I assume he ate some of it seeing as he held onto it for a good 20 minutes bobbing his head like he was munching. He didnt finish it all then made a quick retreat to his lima bean/pea sized hole in the rock. Well now for the pictures sorry once again for the quality seeing as the pictures were taken with my camera phone so they are not that large, and the quality isnt the best. I hope I post these correctly. :biggrin2: :mrgreen: :shock:
Cool. It's always great to see pictures of peoples' pet cephs. The quality is actually better than I would've expected. Cute little fella, isn't he?

More, please.
Well seeing that he is about as big as that small astrea snail in the backround behind him, I would say his head is about 3/4 an inch. Well I guess squiggly got a little angry with me taking so many pics of him that he shot some ink at me, it was a little cloud which in a 150 gallon tank with a protien skimmer, hang on filter, back pack filter with another protien skimmer, fluval 404 canister filter and a sump with a uv steralizer it dicipated rather quickly I would say it took no longer than .5 seconds to dicipate.
The pics weren't too bad now were they, My you have an awful lot equiptment there Chamemleon, must have cost a bomb though. I wish you good luck :thumbsup: and many hours of fun with Squiggly in the future. :heee:
I forgot to mention the 120lbs live rock and 160lbs live sand, and heres another pic of squiggly getting dark colors cause he is angry the astrea snail is moving too close while he is eating.

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