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First Cuttlefish Questions


Jun 13, 2009

I've been looking into getting a cuttlefish for months now, and have come to the conclusion that S. bandensis is the best species for me.

I plan to keep one cuttlefish in a 25-30 gallon tank, and the tank I plan to get is the BETTA LIFESPACE NANO REEF AQUARIUM.

Now some people have said that the protein skimmer that this tank comes with is fairly poor. But, as I will be only keeping one small cuttlefish, will the protein skimmer it comes with be ok?

Also, I keep reading that getting them as an egg is a safer way to start. But how easy is it to get just one egg, if at all possible? Or are shops a more reliable way to get a S. bandensis in good condition?

Thanks for your help!!


Sep 14, 2008
as far as getting the eggs, you can look in the cuttlefish availability thread in the sources for cephalopods and food section. for the protein skimmer, If you could provide some specs maybe someone could tell you whether or not it is sufficient for keeping a Bandensis.