"Finding Dory" octopus and squid

May 26, 2016
San Diego
A new Pixar "Finding Nemo" movie with considerably more cephalopods than the last one! And more realistic ones!

From the last movie:

(Sorry Pearl. You were cute but not terribly realistic.)

A lot of us have probably seen the octopus in the main cast, Hank-

What do you think? Probably a pacific giant octopus?

But what about this new scary squid fellow from the new trailer?

Are there any species that have bioluminescent suckers like this guy? He also has 8 arms. Two may be club-like and therefore maybe tentacles, but the clip is so fast I can't really tell. It mostly just looks like 8 arms. Almost like a Dana Octopus Squid?
I'd say that the bioluminescent fellow is an octopus. No teeth on the suckers, the mantle appears to be attached and no fins (cirrate octos have them so not a full qualifier either way). I do wish they had gotten the eyes right but still love to see cephs featured.

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