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Finding an octopus dealer.

Apr 20, 2005
I've been having alot of trouble finding an octopus. Ive looked at the octopus availability post and havent found anything. the only place that looks like a good place to buy from is marine depot but I recal some one saying that they were out of stock .does anyone have an idea ware I can get an octopus. :hmm:
clownfish said:
I emailed them a few weeks ago and then before that a few months ago and they dont have any octopus in stock

Usually they don't have them in stock, but they can catch one for you if you place an order. At least thats what I got emailed to me when I asked...just place an order 2 weeks prior to wanting it.
dwarfs arent in season until winter... i talked to tampabaysalwater.com a few days ago when i tried to buy one and they have none
91lxstang said:
dwarfs arent in season until winter... i talked to tampabaysalwater.com a few days ago when i tried to buy one and they have none

TampaBay doesn't just sell Dwarf. They sell Vulgaris as well for 88 bucks, box-included...I was guessing clownfish would have wanted Vulgaris instead.
91lxstang said:
i tried the vulgaris from them too and they said they have no species at all right now

True, but you can still order and they can catch one for you.

I emailed them about it a few weeks ago. Although they don't have any in stock, if you order it 2 weeks prior to actually "wanting" it...it would give them enough time to get one for you. At least this is what he told me...I'll paste it:

ME: Thank you, i will be ordering in about a month or so. Would that be alright?


RICHARD: need 2 weeks notice to get him.

ME: Ok, so i'll fill out an order form 2 weeks prior to wanting one? I could do that. It will be right around when summer begins. Would you be able to get any Vulgaris at least 1 ft. arm span during that time or larger? Anything would be fine.




So there ya go. The email I sent asking for him to catch one...or able to, I deleted a while ago to my mistake. I was about to paste it though if it were still there. Anyways, like I stated above, im probably ordering right when summer begins...around June 20th.
91lxstang said:
no i wasnt saying u were wrong i was just saying that i was told different :smile:

Oh, ok...but I was just letting you know possibilities. When did they tell you this...or who told you?

I think Richard is the head of TampaBaySaltwater, so I hope whatever he told me was correct.

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