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Feb 25, 2003
After many months (I think around 6) of reserch and hope, i have finaly started setting up my octo tank :biggrin2: . My question is on the wet dry filter I'm building. I have set it all up but i was wondering how I can defuse the water over the entire surface. I used a 3 cabnitet plastic sort of thing. I just need to know how to difuse the water over the top shelf.

P.S. Any recomendations for skimmers, around a hundred dollars, would be great.

I just bought a Prizm skimmer by Red Sea for $100. I can't say much about it yet. I have it on a 75 gallon setup with a couple fish and soon to be two eels. (waiting for the second to arrive at the LFS).

From what i heard, it takes a few days to adjust to your system before working properly. After that, you have to keep it well-adjusted. But i hear it's a good skimmer for that price range. It's rated for up to 100 gallons on the box, but i've heard it recommended for much smaller volumes.
you can either buy a bit of acylic or similar and drill holes every 1/4" al over its surface. make it so its a tight fit to squeeze into the start of the trickle tower.. its called a drip tray.
some LFSs actually sell pre-drilled bit for that purpose.
Way to go in being creative to make your wet-dry! I am always thinking up new ways to make them inexpensively, and I must admit that the cabinet idea has crossed my mind. However, I haven't gotten a chance to put one togethor yet. The clear, pull-out drawers would seem to be a real benefit. You will have to post something about how it works!
I am about to set it up. All I need to do is get some live rock and a overflow. I'll let you know how it works. Also the post aboves link is where I got my design from.

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