Finally got my ceph!


Jan 20, 2003
Hi :)
I've been lurking for quite awhile looking for tips on setting up my tank, escape proofing, etc.

So now that I finally got a ceph, I thought I should go ahead and introduce myself.
I've recently gotten into the fish hobby, about a year ago, my girlfriend got me a baby Oscar and a 1 gallon tank for my birthday, now it's 2x 2.5 gallon SW tanks for Mantis Shrimp, a 90 gal SW predator tank, a 37 SW community tank, a 75 reef, a 20 reef, a 30 SW predator, a 25 high Octo, a 55 FW community and a 20 FW predator tank. Oh yeah and a 6 gal Eclipse FW puffer tank on my desk at work.
My background is herpetology and I've seen far too many people get an animal and THEN decide to see what it's captive care requirements are, I didn't want to be in that boat.
This site has been an INCREDIBLE asset!

Well, today the LFS surprised me, they had 3 Octos, 2 small and 1 a little larger, he said the big one was being held for someone and I pointed out she was guarding an egg mass and probably wasn't terribly long for this world :(

Anyway I picked up one of the smaller ones today, I should say my girlfriend got it for me for my birthday :) She's a trouble maker but I love her!
The tank has been ready for a couple of months, cycled and secure, just waiting on me to find an occupant.
My goal is eventually blue rings - save your flames- I've been a specialist working with venomous animals for 14 years- but I wanted to test the waters, so to speak, as well as test my security before housing a hot critter.

Here's a bad pic of new kid, it took a shrimp within 45 minutes of being introduced to his tank
Anyone give me a species?


Hi Venom, welcome to!

I removed your photo because it was too large for the page, and it doesn't seem to be loading (it was generating a missing image error). If you have another one, you can attach it to a post using the Attachment feature, or, if it's less than about 400 pixels wide or so, you can go ahead and embed it in your post like before.

Thanks! Looking forward to learning more about your octo...
about the picture

actually the size had nothing to do with it not displaying. 800X600 is the standard size posted on all the other boards I am a part of as well as several that I am admin of. 126K is pretty tiny. The problem is my web host has been under a barrage of a Denial Of Service attack for a few days now, someone has beeen attempting to hack them. The image wasn't loading because the hosting provider was/is down. I was hoping the mess would be cleared up bu now, as everything was fine earlier when I made the post, guess they're back to warring.
If you have a 400 pixel dimension limit on images then I'll certainly follow it, I have just always used 800x600 because anything else is so low res and tiny if you use a high desktop resolution like 1024x768 or more.

Once again, I apologize- guess my first post wasn't a very good one.
Thanks Venom, no worries, just a suggestion. I just removed it because it was a blank image that was causing horizontal scrolling on some monitors. I use 1280 x 1024 myself, but I "force" the site width to be 800 pixels, a la, and many others, just to accommodate those people who use those resolutions, and to ensure everyone has the same experience. Maybe I'll spread out again soon, have to take a look at the stats to see what people are using these days.

But certainly no apologies needed on your part! I'm just doing my "thing" as Webmaster to tidy up the board here and there, as I tend to do from time to time...
:police: :roll:

Either way, it's all good. Thanks!
Hi Venom,

Glad you've joined us. Now that you've introduced yourself, you might also be interested in posting a photo and telling us more about your octo under Ceph Care, Journals and Photos (in addition to the database).

Moreover, and this applies to everyone, I like peoples faces, and like attaching faces to people. Why not attach a pic of you (everyone) one day in some post.

Of course if you post a pic of Neil Diamond or Cleo Lane I'll know you're pulling my chain ....
Steve, great idea. Everyone is encouraged to share their photos here, it's a great to put a face with the thoughts and expressions posted here!

I've also set up a topic in the Supporters forum for this purpose as well -- since viewing is restricted to only Supporters, it's naturally a more intimate (sorry Clem) setting for sharing personal information and photos. No Clem, not THOSE kind of photos! :shock: :roll: :lol:
Thanks for making that VERY clear Tony! How about naked ceph pics??? ")
Welcome to the wonderful world of ceph-keeping Venom! I am a herper also (vipers) and happen to love blue rings...good luck with all of your stuff!

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