Pygmy Octopus
Dec 11, 2002
Sump price

Hey b25, I am new to the octo - business too, but I was surprised when you said that you couldn't afford a sump. I used to think that a sump/wet dry filter was out of the question also, until cephjedi here gave me his diy design, which I can't seem to locate right now, but I am sure it is on the site somewhere.
Anyway, diy wet drys are not only cheap, but very easy to build. I built mine out of a large, 30 gal rubbermaid tub, with a biotower made of some old ice cream buckets cut and siliconed togethor with egg crates and pvc. It is a very cheap way to get a large, powerful filter, without busting the budget. So far this has cost about $20 (US), and it would probably be another $50 for the rest(overflow, return pump, all fittings and piping.)
I stronly recomend that you consider building a filter like this, It is well worth it. THe advantage of being able to put heaters, protein skimmers, etc. in the sump is advantageous beyond belief. Good luck!


Jan 20, 2003
I found a directory online of a bunch of stores in every state. I'm going to start calling either today and tomorrow and see what people have for prices. If that doesn't work out, then I'll ask my Marine Science teacher on Monday. It almost seems as though it'd be cheaper to go to Fiji and bring back some live rock myself! LOL. Oh well, no one said this was going to be easy, right? RR, thanks for the help. I like to hear what other people have done with their tanks and then just take it from there. Thanks again.

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