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FierceDeity's octopus activity ideas


Jun 20, 2004
Its very nice to hear from so many people. what a friendly comunity this is. :) i will PM phil and colin, so see what UK advice they can offer me.
Last night while i was trying to sleep i was trying to think up interesting things for my octopus to do.

people out there who are lucky enough to own one :notworth: might want to try this.

:grad: { for this you will need )
- a cube of cork or something octo friendly (polystirene ??)
- six small jars, lids need to be smaller than 1 face of the cube.
- octo friendly paint, 3 colours (this will need to match your peices card)
- octo friendly adheasive (100% sylycon ???)
- different colour card, 3 colours (this will need to match your paint)

:grad: { now then lisen up )
- take the cube and cut out, on each face, an indentation that you can sink the lid into.
- fix the a lid into this hole on all six sides so that you can screw a jar into the lid.
- paint the inside of the lid or the bottom of the jar with paint, (use only 3 colors for the six faces and pain each face one color.)
- make 2 or 3 different stencils of your octs favorate food, these should be styalised a each quite different
- cut your A4 paper in 1/2
- do 1 stencil per 1/2, and do the same stencil on the 3 different colours of card, make sure you have some blank peices left

:jester: { now here comes the fun )
les say you used yellow, red, and black paint and card
and your favorate octo foods are crab and shrimp
(this by the way asumes you octo can easy open jars)
all you do is assign a food to a color.
shrimp = yellow
crab = red
just water = black

you fill all the jars with water and
add your shrimp to the 2 with yellow lids.
add your crab to the 2 with red lids and
add just water from the tank to the 2 with black lids.

place at the fornt to the tank so the octo can clearly see them
yellow card with a stencil of a shrimp
red card witha a stencil of a crab
black card with nothing on it.

introduce the feeding toy to the tank, keep doing this a number of weeks ? i really have no idea as i am just making this all up as i go along. if you get a good responce and find that your octo always gos for his favorate food first then try swapping the food aruond

crab = black
shrimp= red
nothing = yellow
you will then need to change the cards a feeding time to relect this.

my theory is that you octopus should work out that the cards and colors are directly related to the food he can choose.

i hope i have explained this all ok. let me know what kind of responce people get back from their octos.

:jester: Adam
Hi Adam & :welcome:
for outsize tanks I personally would go to my local cold, tropical, marine emporium Swallow Aquatics. I was there this W/E & recall various flyers pertaining to various tank styles & sizes. Their monster display tanks were made by someone, somewhere. If you can't find what you're looking for & feeling brave you could try a home build ? I nearly took that route once but silicon sealant stinks :yuck:
Swallow (gulp) are www.able & always happy to assist.

BTW, I would't be putting any plastics in a tank going by the different c**p that can leach out into the water. I'd hate to appear paranoid but you should check out my sperm count !
Don't panic, it's written on a piece of paper.

If you go to a local aquatics shot them may be able to giv eyou a number for a company called Clear Seal which I think are near Birmingham, they make our tanks for us some times or they will find you some anyway!

Good luck with it all, give me a shout if you need any help!

Just split this topic off from the "Introduce Yourself" thread since this seemed the right place for the discussion.... don't mind me, just passin' through... :police:
I think your idea of communicating by color with your octo is a good one and worth trying. (I don't have an octo at the moment.)

I also intend to add some sound to the visual communication, like Carol did with the 3 taps to signal to her bimac that she was there.


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