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fiddler crabs


Oct 16, 2007
Does anyone have there fiddler crabs escape???? Shane just walked outside and found a fiddler on the front porch... she was alive but cold (it is maybe 40 degrees outside)... and I have NO idea how she got out there... the tank they are in is upstairs under my 29 gallon in the stand... and the stairs come right down to the door... but I don't have the sightest clue how it got there.... Shane had just rolled our bird's cage outside to clean it so it could had fallen off of that... but it sits downstairs next to our couch... NOT near the tank they are in...

any ideas????

I had some "Patriot" crabs escape a freshwater tank one time. One was on top of the filter and another one was across the room behind the sofa.

Put a lid on it!
I suspect alien abduction :new_beammeup:

(well, actually, I've just always wanted an excuse to use that icon...)
No cats...

well... I guess they are loosing there filter and getting an intank filter and putting the screen cover on it that was on it when i had my baby snake in there for a few months...
downstairs and outside is such a long way for a little crab.... It had to get out of the tank.. get from behind the stand... across the bedroom... out of the room.. down the hall like 4 feet to the top of the stairs... down the stairs and out the front door...
Was the fiddler in any way mutulated without a trace of blood in the vicinity? :new_beammeup:

Oh, that was necessary, indeed :wink2:
My kitchen tank? I am constantly finding "escapees". Seems the local crabs I collect are very good at scaling the airline tubing hose, lieing in wait for some unsuspecting member of our household searching for octo food inside the tank, while they scurry out the top lid and sometimes we find them live, sometimes the "dog" or the various cats, have a snack, or sometimes I step on a dead one I think put in my path on purpose barefoot.................:yuck:
Fiddler crabs are escape artists. They will stack on top of each other until one can get over a wall. I have had fiddler show up in my kitchen and living room with no tell tale reason for why the escaped their crabitat. Have fun with that...

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