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Dec 31, 2004
this is what we collect in a day for the occie tank


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I see some fine crabs but I can't quite make out some of the other things. What all did you catch? How often do you have to go out and catch occie food?

heh nice haul!

you may be needing to do a water change every day on that tank to keep it from going critical mass!!! LOL

When i was catching stack of live food i'd often freeze half of it the same day and it'd keep for ages, not to mention that the crabs and shrimp are easier to keep :wink:
I am able to collect my own food also and have a 15 gal feeder tank run by a aquaclear 400. I used to run it with an undergravel with a powerhead and a bubble filter but it was crashing constantly after a collecting trip. The new filter keeps up very nicely although with the cold weather collecting is limited :sad: so it's back to the bait shop and acouple petshops that give me a discount. What species do you collect for food? I love that pic of the squid! He's beautiful!!!

Hi, this is Mrs Dingo here. We caught 3 different species of crab, some boxer shrimp (which the lionfish lurvs to chase) and we also picked up a hitch hiker or two (a lil blennie and a small catfish of some type), not to mention a 10 legged starfish!

We have 2 50g drums out the back yard which we have SW delievered into, so water changes arent a problem. After losing the PJ squid to nasty water, i'm right on top of the water change situation hehehe.

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