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Feed my octo?????


Sep 24, 2003
i was just wondering what type of foods yall feed yall octo's?
im really scared to feed frozen shrimp, are freshwater ghost shrimp because of copper contamination. so what to do? :bugout:
crayfish, fiddler crabs, ghost shrimp are fine (they're inverts- copper would harm them too) later on you should be able to acclimatize your octo to market shrimp and other, easily obtainable seafood.

Rock on, Jimbo
I've had good luck with fresh scallops (at least for a while, until my bimac grew tired of them). Now he likes good quality frozen shrimp (the kind you buy in the fishmarket). I've found that the largest ones are harder for him to digest, so I buy medium (16-20 to the pound).

I feed my bimac pieces of uncooked shrimp. I cut it into pieces about the size of a pencil eraser and feed him once a day. He seems to do pretty well on this.
My new baby, Lil Pumpkin, (my daughtor named him) has been eating small hermit crabs and the local shrimp we can catch. Ink used to eat crabs, fish, snails, frozen prawn, just about anything I put in there.