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Feasability of Cuttle Raising.


Jul 27, 2004
Not for sale but just for fun
Soon (sooner than I would like) I will have a 150 gal and a 75 gal (and a 30gal) sitting fallow with nothing worthy of my attention in them.
So I was thinking about getting a clutch of eggs of Type S. bandensis from Aquatropics. Now here is the plan
Hatch them while stocking both tanks with as much food stuff as can be managed. Shrimpstuff and Sachs will help me there.
(maybe rekindle my peppermint shrimp breeding idea)
Use 75 Gal tank with macro algea to start them off in (no rocks) and then some of them to the big 150.
I would attempt to keep 4 to 6 of them and see if they mate.
I have read all the articles and websites about trying this and seems like i have the capacity. the space (full finished basement ALL MINE heck i even got a love seat and a couch down there plus a micro wave) and the experience (My cephs lived longer than 2 weeks)

Questions for Righty and Paradox
Why kind of flow do cuttle eggs require?
I can provide up to 800 Gph flow rates what do they need and can you have too much?

At what age do the munchkins become canabalistic killers?

Will they mate when they are ready or do you have to trigger mateing with a tempurature change?

How much or how little lighting do you recomend?

ohh and :notworth: teach me the ways of the cuttle.


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