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Experienced Keeper seeking a Bimac


Dec 2, 2002
Hey Folks,

Long time member, but mostly lurker here. I've been working with octopuses for more than two decades, but I haven't had the pleasure of keeping a Bimac in a very long time. If anyone has a line on a supplier, I would love to know. I'm on the East coast of the US, so as Bimacs became more scarce, they became MUCH more scarce over here, lol.

If there was a choice, I'd prefer a `loides over a `latus, but I'm obviously in no position to be choosy. The last ocellated octopus I kept turned out to be a rather rare-ish caribbean species- O. hummelinki.

I have a custom-built tank ready to go that I specifically designed for our cephalopod friends, so I can be as spontaneous as needed.

Thanks in advance, and stay safe! - Jim
Very few have been offered for sale this year. When they are, it’s almost always
”loides”. Good luck on finding one. They are fun to have.