[Octopus]: ET - Octopus Hummelincki


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Sep 4, 2006
Cape Coral, FL
This arrived at UPS this morning from KP Aquatics. Philipp said they have not seen any octos since Hurricane Irma except for a few very young animals they found when bringing in live rock but this little girl (I think, have not had a good look at her out in the open) happened to be close to shore last week and he collected her for me.
Three color changes just a few seconds apart. ET has an eye spot but it is very small and hard to detect. He/she keeps the tips of all arms rolled up most of the time so I am not yet sure of the sex. At times, it does appear that the third right arm is coiled more than the others but that may be wishful thinking. ET seems to be quite curious and is already coming out to observe us at dinner or whenever I sit in front of the tank.

Because she has been so curious, I approached her while she was out and she let me gently touch her head between the eyes. She played approach and leave with me for 15-20 min (will look at actual times after videos upload to my computer).

Here is the first video
With all the hoopla about octopuses being alien invaders this year, Neal suggested we name it, Zreck (a Google look up was necessary here) but I was afraid I could not remember or properly pronounce that name so we compromised on the better known version :concern:
ET has to come out to the front glass before I will attempt to play with him/her. I am very careful NOT to approach the rock and to withdraw my hand entirely from the tank if the octopus chooses to go there. ET is far more interactive than most but I am expecting to have to start all over with interaction after he/she is fully acclimated (about 1 month).
After watching ET closely for awhile, I am pretty sure he is a male. He still keeps all arms rolled up most of the time out in the open but has relaxed 7 of them on occasion and curled more than just the tip of the third right.

I am not fully convinced of his species. He has extra eye spots behind his real eyes and the typical hummelincki spots are very tiny, sometimes raised and hard to determine their color. He also often turns just his mantle white and wears stripes on his arms, an odd color combo I have not seen before. He is also quite spikey at times. Totally delightful but, like Monty, I don't think I will be able to confirm an ID.

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