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Eric's market adventure(s)

Oct 7, 2004
Good question, I assume you're using Paypal? If you are, then it's just simple, you send it to...my e-mail, which would be [email protected]. The total amount in USD is then changed to HKD and I will put aside the equivalent amount of money I have to buy a cephalopod the next time I see it and free it. The money that's stayed in the Paypal will eventually be withdrawn once it has reached a level which I deem to be cost-effective, since it charges a fee for moving the money from Paypal to a bank.
Oct 7, 2004
*wipes the dust off this thread* Well fellow forum members, it's been a while. I am sorry to say that I have broke my camera and I have yet collected enough funds to fix it. So I bring you no photos.

However, I've been to the local wet-market several times for the past month, so I come to you with an update. For the past weeks, I've come to notice that the quality of meat from a crab seems to be correlated by the lunar cycle. This was from an old Chinese fishermen's saying of "When the moon is visible, crabs will be thin. When the moon is dark, crabs will be fat." Although I'm sure this is far from scientific and my claims should be taken as nothing more than just obeservations, I did find that on the occasion of when I did buy crabs, those that are eaten closest to a full moon or a new moon seem to have the most meat-to-net-weight ratio whereas I'd buy crabs where the meat in the legs is rather scarce.
Interesting, isn't it?

If that didn't interest you, here's another tid-bit. It maybe just me, but either Hong Kong's fish population is truly dwindling, leaving only fish farms left but I have seen a visible decrease in the number of by-catch over the recent years. However, given that there were no changes in fishing methods, I do not think that is highly likely. Therefore, I think either it's the overall visible effects of overfishing,reliance on fish farms and the visible decrease of wild-caught species that I'm seeing.

On an ending note for this brief update, a few of the market stall owners do remember me, after all that time. Also, yesterday was my father's birthday and we had a nice family meal together where we had abalone, stir-fried fish and garlic shrimp - all of which was picked out by yours truly. :smile:

And Re: Funds for that release a cuttle/ceph/marine creature program have not been used yet. There is just simply nothing to release for the past weeks.

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