Eric from France


Jun 29, 2019
Hello to everyone here.
I'm Eric from Paris, France, and after years dedicated to seawater fishes, I'm trying to start raising cuttlefish, especially Sepia Officilanis which his an endemic species in french coasts. However, even if the status of this species is not "endangered", the overfishing is a threat for it. I would like to learn how to raise cuttlefish from eggs to adults and give my experience to fisheries and aquaculture to help captive-bred industry. I'm not novice in seawater, but really inexperienced in cephalopod domain. Any help will be appreciated. I'm starting an installation of 4 tanks and a filter for almost 1000 liters only dedicated to raise the sepias. Plus some small tanks for raising living mysis and/or copepods. I would be thankful for any help. Nice to be here...


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
I am far more experienced with octopuses than cuttles and have only kept a couple of the small Sepia bandensis so I can only parrot a bit of the experiences I remember from members' posts. One of the primary concerns with the larger animals has been how to prevent the cuttles from backing into the walls, causing the cuttlebone to break through the skin and ultimately causing an early death. Round tanks or rounded corners when tanks are not available seem to help.

Other issues have been male on male aggression and too much attention from a male to a female, both causing early deaths.

Here is the results of a search through our journals for "officinalis". Unfortunately, even the eggs are almost impossible to the hobbyist to acquire here in the states.