"Encountering Sea Monsters" on PBS/Nature Tonight!

The Cuttlefish program is re-airing today as well. I think 3pm CST on PBS? For anyone who missed it...

The "Encountering Sea Monsters" Octopus show is on today at 7pm CST.
I thought I was watching the right show, but there was another on cephlapods on PBS. I thought I saw Biddle as a not yet identified octopus they observed.
I saw the octo and squealed to Neal, "That's Biddle!". I watched closely and noted the white underside against the black and am still thinking the one shown (another shot WAS identified as the coconut octo but they did not say about this one. I tried to listen carefully and I don't think they said it was unidentified, they just did not say. The "new species" they showed shortly before had to be a Abdopus aculeatus) was an O. marginatus. It was found in the same region where Muctopus displays photos of hers and where the others are found that were in the tank at the store and believed to be Abdopus aculeatus.

From what I could find, if it was O. marginatus (I think Mucktopus said close but no banana) Biddle should have a very white underside even when she turns black. One possibly identifing feature of whatever she is is that she turns black and not white when frightened. My merc and all the videos I've seen show frightened octos turning white so I suspect this aspect might give a clue.

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