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Eledone species

Aug 23, 2004

Sorry for my poor english...

Does anybody have information on eledone moschata species from mediteranean sea in aquarium?
What is the maximum size and age?

Are they interresting to keep? Can i keep several moschata in a reef tank ( without fish of course)?

Thank you for your answer

Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

This is what I could find. Maybe someone else has some additional information.

Eledone moschata is found in the Mediterrean, even in fairly deep water (300m) It's known as the Musky Octopus because of a musky smell it gives off when out of the water.

Eledone moschata is a pretty octopus with black spots on its body and web. Its body is 15 cm long (6 inches) and its arms are as long as 40 cm each (16 inches).

I would imagine it would live from 1 to 1 1/2 years, based on size, and that you'd have about 10 + months with it in captivity.

It lays large eggs, so it might be possible to raise the hatchlings.

As far as keeping it in a reef aquarium, well, it's bigger than a bimac but smaller than O. vulgaris. So maybe in a 75 to 100 gallon tank.

However, most of the octos we keep are shallow water octopuses. I don't know how one from deeper water would fare.

Thank you Nancy,

I saw one eledone on sunday in a shallow water. He tried to catch fish. This color was quite brown-red and when he saw me, he turn to grey, the color of the stone in less than one second. Facinating animals. I have only a regret, i love hypocampe, then i need 2 tanks...

hypocampe = seahorses??? They kick ass... got lots of them!

Never kept this species of octo before but from what I read on cephbase they seem to eat a good range of foods so you should be Ok.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!


That the reason why i should have 2 ermetics tanks. I don't want to kill my H. reidi in any case...

I caught a small octopus vulgaris this WE but it grows too big (10 lbs). Very nice animal to play with...

Eledone are quite hard to find, but i'll try again

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