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electric tape/duct tape safe?


Jul 17, 2006
If I have something that needs to be taped under water, would either duck tape or electrical tape be safe?
Ducktape (duct tape) is safe to use on the tank, but won't hold underwater. I don't know of anyone who's used tape underwater - there are other solutions.

What do you need to attach or cover?

I have some fine nylon netting i need to put over the overflow. I know it wont hold in the long run i'm just hoping it will hold until i get some underwater epoxy or gorilla glue
How about a rubber band (maybe nylon or other synthetic would hold up longer) or a cable tie? Also, sometimes fishing line can be used to tie things.

its not really in a good position to be tied but iv found some hot glue and my old glue gun. thats safe rite?
drakanorn;100953 said:
its not really in a good position to be tied but iv found some hot glue and my old glue gun. thats safe rite?

Ummm, that *might* work. Really, your best bet, if you want what you're trying to stick to hold and be durable, is underwater epoxy....lots of fish stores carry it and it would be the most dependable for you.
I would stay away from using gorilla glue. It is a great glue but the one marine application I have used it in (mysid culture) did not turn out so well. The mysid died shortly after being in the tank. The glue had dried thoroughly, and there may be other factors, but no chances should be taken when dealing with cephalopods.

I've used superglue successfully in a marine tank (but joined the pieces in a separate container of saltwater, then added them to the tank). It's a small coral and invertebrate tank, no ceph.

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