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Eheim Disaster!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
You would think I would learn after all these years of keeping salt and freshwater tanks. I won't even go into all that has happened in my day already, but the icing on the cake was G2 was active and ready for a full photo session, playing to the camera, chasing me out of his tank as I scrubbed walls to get some pics when I noticed the Eheim wasn't pushing enough volume. Sooooo I shut it down, drained it was in the process of taking the impellor apart and I did the same thing I did a few months ago. Broke the white rod in the impeller. It's now 8:15PM and the only petshop open is a Petsmart. Pack Jess up race to the shop....they don't stock Eheims and then I have this young kid trying to tell me how to octo proof my tank!!! Needless to say I am stressed. My plan is to move my huge Eheim off of my birdwrasse tank and put it on G2's and set up an Aquaclear on the birdwrasse tank till I can get the replacement part tomorrow. Many replacement parts as I will never again be stuck without that little white rod!!! Wish me luck!!!

Good luck, Carol - hope G2 will be OK

One thing I'm learning is that you need a back up for everything! I'm working on assembling that.

Thanks everyone! It pays to keep old Eheims laying around! I found one in my closet and was able to take the white rod out of the impeller and put it in my new one. Pumps pumping strong. And G2 is still holded up in his rock eyeing a now dead crab in the gumball container! So today I'm taking the Aquaclear back and stocking up on impellers!
Whew!!! Hate those moments when things seem to be spiralling out of control...glad you are a ratpacker, and saved the day !!

:glass: greg

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