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Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
I got my first batch of eggs! They are, of course, in a horrible place and almost completely unphotographable. I'll try later. :smile:

I noticed when I was feeding on of the cuttles was dragging around an egg.

Now, I have to decide how long to leave them there. For a week at least to see what the parent does.
You are having a better day than I am. I just tried to mate our last pair of H. lunulata and the pounced on the male and killed him before I was sure they weren't mating. She ate almost the entire corpse.

Wow Roy! Sorry to hear that! BTW, the reports of your talk to the club were shiny. Everyone loved it. Thanks!

Daniel - I was shocked to find the eggs. The are so in the most inaccessible place. :smile: Luckily, the rocks the are on will be easy to remove.
do you know if any of you will have shippable eggs, or babies in mid to late january? i may not get an oficiallias due to the temp requirement, and instead, think of breeding bandies.
There looks to be 15 -20, but don't trust me I am on benedryl (sp?) and I am sick today! I feel asleep in my car before collecting crabs!

Don't know about shippable eggs or eggs for sale at all. First priority will be for me and paradox to continue breeding. :smile:
i understand. if either one of you do have extras then i would be game. also i know you were able to recieve wild caught eggs in the past, do you still have that capibility? Btw if i do decided not to get an officialis which is what im leaning to at the moment. about how many adult bandies would feel comfortable in a 155. ohh any righty try a product called zycam if you do infact have a cold or flu its a mericle worker.
cuttlegirl said:
As quoted by Righty . Which one of you will be expecting???:baby: :heee:

Hah!! Leave it up to a man on Benedryl :bonk: to make wild accusations! hehehe

I have four 5 month old bandensis in my main tank and seven 1.5 month olds in a seperate area.. It only seems two are sexing it up lately. The other two were runts, so perhaps they are still not mature enough yet, or they are both males. Im still unsure of how many eggs Ill get, so of course my priority is to ahem breed with Righty.. :roll:

My webpage is coming along though, so hopefully ill be able to share some of my setup and experiences shortly.
Righty does it again!

Nice to see that when I check back in you're still flying the flag.

Been away too long, so expect to see more of me again!!!

Nice work Rich, keep it up :smile:
It looks as if two cuttles are keeping watch over the eggs, but it could be they just like the hiding spot. I am thinking of moving the eggs so I can document their growth, but (ooohh mating going on right now!) I kind of want to see if the cuttles stay with the eggs. I am torn because where the eggs are right now they are almost impossible to photograph.

That said, attached is a pic of the eggs.

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