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EGGS!!! (+ sweet pics)


Mar 19, 2006
Carol, Tony, and Bob, thanx for the compliments. It has been an amazing experience! Tako is my second octopus and they never cease to impress me. They really are like little aliens! The first one I got out of some guys live rock and I had no idea what I was getting into!

Axim, I am very sorry that Tako won't be with us longer; we were just getting to know each other. She did eat a crab or two after the eggs were laid but has since stopped eating as far as I can tell.

Nancy and Lockburn, I have read that thread a couple times and I'm anxiously awaiting an update from Cephjedi. Hopefully he'll share his rearing tech with the rest of us. I know that people have raised plankton of other sp., why not octopuses?

Anyways, I'll probably fail but I feel responsible and want to try.

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