Dwarf ID?

Feb 16, 2008
Sorry for the poor picture but it only comes out at night and I can really only get pictures in the morning before the lights come on. As soon as the light comes on it splits. This is when I very first put it in the tank. When all spread out it is only about the size of a silver dollar maybe a little smaller. Thanks in advance.


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:welcome: to TONMO, to you and your octopus. It's hard to see the details, but it looks like its eyespot might have the orange edge, which would make it Octopus hummelincki, perhaps. You might be able to get more pictures with a red light at night. Do you know anything about where it came from? hummelincki is an Atlantic species, so if it came from California area it's probably one of the bimac species, but if it's from the Atlantic it's most likely hummelincki... any other species with eyespots would be pretty unusual in the pet trade. In either case, it's probably a juvenile rather than a dwarf species, at least I can't think of any dwarf that has eyespots that look like that.

You'll probably find useful information under the ARTICLES button in the ceph care section, if you haven't read that already, by the way.
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yeah, I see what you mean, particularly about the webbing, and looking at some other bimac pictures, they do often show a tan edge around the spot that could look like that, even though it's not as orange as the hummelincki edge, but in the lighting it's hard to tell color...
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That looks A LOT like mine, which is also a hummelincki! Older name is filosus, characterized by an unbroken blue ring with orange in background of the ring. Google "filosus" and compare some of the images you get. Nice little guy you have.
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Unless the juveniles are considerably different than the adults, I don't think this is Hummelincki. As Shipposhack mentions, Hummelincki have VERY thick webbing up close to the head, so much so that it looks like a body and makes the arms appear stubby. The arms on the adult are very thick at the head and taper rather quickly. It can, of course, elongate the arms but when mine spreads out like this, the webbing flares and the pose is quite dramatic. Also of note, Octane is strictly diurnal and I have only seen her out at night one time while I was running the washing machine (it is adjacent to her tank wall and causes vibration in the tank).

With the eyespot, it is definitely not Mercatoris. Doesn't someone else currently have a nocturnal with an eyespot? Dreadhead maybe?
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Olorin and Achilles both come out at lights out,and when they come on.But they also come out alot both at night, and during the day.No eyespots on either Olorin without a dout is a briareus,and I really think Achilles is a vulgaris.He starting tha redish spikey camo like in Carols avatar.
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