Drug smuggling giant squid?


Nov 8, 2003
From the 2001 news archive:

uly 6, 2001
SAN DIEGO, CA -- In a drug-related court case ruling, a federal judge ordered nine tons of squid and 13 tons of cocaine to be destroyed, saying that the so-called evidence would not be needed in order to render a verdict. (Preservation of the squid and cocaine was costing nearly $100,000 per month). In April, the cocaine was found on a boat off San Diego, along with the squid. The defense is arguing that the squid was evidence that the boat's owners were fishing, not smuggling. Yeah, OK fellas. Sure thing. Was the cocaine your bait?

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and a recent news report:

Peru seizes cocaine haul hidden in giant squid

16.11.2004 3.20 pm

LIMA, Peru - Peruvian police said on Monday they seized nearly 700kg of cocaine hidden in frozen giant squid bound for Mexico and the United States.

The drugs were covered in pepper to divert sniffer dogs and sealed in several layers of plastic and other wrappers. Police had been on the trail since August.

Seven people were arrested in the drug seizure. Police said the haul would have a street value of about $17.5 million ($25.31 million).

Peru is the world's Number 2 cocaine producer after Colombia, and many of its drugs end up on US streets after being sent via Mexico.


Should we change our mental image of Steve to some kind of international mastermind, wearing furs, drinking Cognac, covered in bling and hos?


Urmmmmm no probably not but it does mean everyone should be a bit more wary during:


Thanks, Emps. I saw a bit of this on the news right before going home yesterday and I am still baffled. :bonk: The cost of preservation was over $100,000 per month!? And how did the dogs get beyond the ammonia scent, forget the pepper, to smell the coke? A broad brimmed hat and some fur may be just the thing for :oshea: .

This has been discussed in another thread, TONMO Cephalopod Community. Please post there.

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