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drain saddles

well, that is normally done anyway, if housing the RO unit somewhere out of the way like in the cupboard under the sink... the saddle prevents any spillage if the sink gets blocked by other means or if someone accidently pulls the waste pipe out of the drain!!!!!! Have a friend who got their house flooded with an RO, not a huge amount of water but did plenty damage :frown:
Dad had the idea of hooking it up to the clothes washer like and having the waste water going into that waste water tube thingie. We have a 3-way garden hose connector for the intake. Pretty spiff.
It's down cellar with a nice trash barrel (plastic of course). Unfortunately, we have discovered that the barrel isn't big enough to cope with when we forget that the RO unit is on :goofysca: :roll:
yeah, the joys of RO units....

guess the next thing to do is to drill a hole at the top water level of the barrel and add another hose to get from there to the drain in cae of overflow :smile:

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