Dorset Coast Ammonites! - Be proud Phil!!

Apr 8, 2004
Hey Phil, be proud of me!

I went fossil hunting and get very wet and very dirty! What a good time was had!!

The rock was very soft and as a result the fossils we found (and there were many) were also very soft but I found a couple of nice specimins (around 1.5in diamater), a 2 foot slab littered with them and a pretty big one (about 6inches tall)...

I htink I shall have to venture down there again!

That's great Andy. I bet the weather was nice for a day out collecting.

Where did you go? Lyme Regis? Kimmeridge? Charmouth? Swanage? I'm sure I can dig up (pardon the pun) some background info on the site if you wish.

8) Cool. Any photos?
ah the joy of Monmouth Beach !
Andy, tell me you did go to Monmouth Beach didn't you ?
it ain't like I don't promote it much ! :wink: & my cool shades are there somewhere 8)

as Kevin says, you show us yours........ :shock:
I went down to the west side of Charmouth, not got any pics at the moment but do intend to get some as soon as my camera stops p[laying silly beggers!

Any info would be most appriciated!
Here you go, Andy!

This link should tell you pretty much all you need to know about fossils at Charmouth:

UK Fossil Collecting

Use the headings on the left hand side for information on the geology and details on the specimens you can find there. Great ammonite country it seems! Roy has had some nice finds there too. Have a look at this page on his site:


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