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domino damsel


Jul 27, 2004
We are looking forward to this weekend and hopefully the long waited arrival of Megas. we currently have a domino damsel in the tank which we used to start the cycle, should we take him out? I realize he will someday be eaten by the octo, but is it possible for the domino to hurt
the octopus in any manner?
One of my damsels (the submissive one, even!) bit me last night as I was doing tank maintenance. I'm not going to move mine out immediately though because I set up a plastic critter cage for the octo to live in until he beefs up a bit. I may just take them back to the lfs because I don't want them bullying in my clownfish tank.

Ours bits us almost evertime we feed him. dominos are aggresive our last tank we had they were messing with the huma huma trigger even. good luck with your octo Dan I know you have been waiting also.
If you can catch em, I would remove em....especially if you are getting a baby bimac. Why invite trouble!!!!!! And damsels can be trouble!!!! Please keep us updated on arrival!!! And remember to give acclimation lots of time!!! Don't rush!!! Lots of luck!!!

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