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Doggy - the Chambered Nautilus

That would be fun! But it's a long process... The ones at the Waikiki Aquarium were in a little tank, covered in algae for months behind the scenes. Until one day they could see the shell peeking out of the egg. About the coolest thing I have ever seen.
3/4 in frame!


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Smallest nauts fighting over shrimp (even though they both have a piece)

Sorry for the poor angle, they were at the corner of the tank and hard to get a clear shot of!


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The shore shrimp are working amazingly for CUC. The y even thrive on nautilus poop.

There are definitely some penaid (brown) shrimp in there, so when they get older maybe the nautiluses will enjoy finding their larger molts.

4/4 of the nautiluses have achieved proper neutral buoyancy. I am trying to get them all to feed by way of scavanging, however Doggy is much more adept to tank life so far and manages to grab anything first.

Hoping his ravenous appetite does not cause growth and health problems!

I'm going to buy some red LED and see if I can do a better job of photographing. The blues just aren't camera friendly.
So far Zilch is still floating at the top but seems to be doing fine. He seems to want food daily but eats different amounts. Some days he just nibbles and drops the food and then seems to want more but repeats the nibble and drop. Other days he will eat two small shrimp (popcorn shrimp sized shell on, head off) or the meat from the arm of a blue crab claw.

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