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Do cuttlefish eat local crabs?


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 15, 2008
Hi, I'm really new with cuttles and i was wondering if sepia bandensis will eat small crabs from the local beaches? because if they do it would be alot cheaper and easier than buying them.

and if they eat them would i also have to feed one other kinds of food too, or would it only need the one type?


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
:welcome: to TONMO.

Cuttles will probably eat appropriately sized local crabs, but cephs are notoriously picky, so you should be prepared in case they refuse. Also, make sure the local crabs aren't collected from somewhere polluted, and of course that local regulations allow you to collect them.

I think some of our ceph keepers feed local crabs (maybe Thales and Paradox in San Francisco?) and I know Gilly fed his officinalis local Monterey crabs.