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O. vulgaris
Jan 22, 2008
what are some differences between the bandesis cuttlefish and the officianis(not sure how to spell it) other than size?

I am getting a 220g and was planning on an aggressive FOWLR, but was also thinking about the officianis(ahhh however it is spelt lol!) so any info would be great!

It's Sepia officinalis... I loved having S. officinalis, mine were friendly, I could even snorkel with them (I had a really BIG tank) and they recognized me as opposed "another human that feeds me...". If I could have another 10 foot diameter tank, I would get them again. You might have problems obtaining S. officinalis, while it is easy to get captive bred S. bandensis. My S. bandensis female would let us "pet" her and the males interacted with my children. Hard decision...
wow that must have been a sweet tank. and yeah I figured it would be hard getting them, where would you get them though? are they any different colors than the bandesis? and what kind of food did you feed them?

I had S. officinalis because I was working on my master's degree. I was able to obtain the animals for research because I was connected to a university, as a private citizen, it is a different story... They ate large live shrimp.
Sepia officinalis will eat many of the same foods as Sepia bandensis, only in larger sizes. I have fed them large shrimp (live or dead), fishes, crabs, etc.

In regards to coloration, there are some differences in patterning and camouflage but the primary colors of the specimens are essentially the same.