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Did I get a bimac?


Feb 9, 2008
East Haven,CT
Hi everyone. I finally found a octopus at my horrible LFS today, so I jumped on it since he was small "mantle little over an inch". The temperature now is 75 degrees, but my question is how can I be sure he is a bimac so I can lower heater/buy chiller if necessary? The people at the LFS were clueless as to where he came from or any other info, as usual. I put a youtube video up of him, which is pretty bad quality, but it may help you a little. He is in with a few corals now, which I will relocate to my basement reef tank. He did display the unbroken blue ring below his eyes, as bimacs are supposed to. I also noticed after an hour being in he pulled a bumblebee snail into his little den and ate it! Thats a great sign.

Look forward to hearing from you guys and owning my first octopus, finally... after years of searching.
:welcome: to the new octo... like you said in the other thread, the orange background on the eyespots seems more typical for hummelincki than bimacs, so that's probably the best way to tell.
what lfs?

i just bought my octo from a lfs also and i noticed you live in the same area as me. what is the name of the lfs you bought it from? i think it might be the same place and if so i know what species it is.
Hey Fishkid, it was All Pets in branford. The ding dongs called it "pseudo purple octopus". Mine is hiding in a fancy coralline algae cove right now, so its hard to see his ocelli, but from what I remember he had orange as a background, indicating he is a hummelincki... I'll keep you up to date

o it's not the same pet store but the one at my lfs was a hummelincki. i just recently got my aculeatus and he usually stays in the live rock.

my lfs name is choice pet supply. i buy everything i need there and there great! they can get anything i ask for. usually i have problems getting healthy animals from chain pet stores but this one is great!

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