"Devils of the Deep" TV Documentary


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
Did anyone see this National Geographic Channel programme on Dosidicus this evening? Those who did not appear to have missed a treat. Perhaps it will be repeated.

Devils of the Deep

Thanks to your alert, I was able to catch the second half of the programme. Excellent footage, eh? Interesting to see the Guaymas Humboldts do to the cinematographer what they did to another photographer, Alex Kerstich, some years ago: charge in from multiple vectors and go for the lights, camera and mask.

The use of red-filtered light at depth (200 ft.) was something I hadn't seen before. Wonder if our friends in NZ are planning to experiment with different filters and wavelengths when attempting to film the really big ones.

Thanks again, let's hope they repeat.

Did you see the segment with the cuttlefish, copying the X? I want one!!! Could be my next ceph!! The eyes on them are amazing!

Also, was the diver being "attacked?" or were they just checking him out? Good close up of the beak too! Guy almost got his finger chomped!


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