Deep sea cephalopods poster

Thanks Tonmo and Dwhatley! Good point, you're right the last one does look a little out of place still. I think it could be because of the shading. It doesn't have a lot of depth into it and looks kind of flat. Will definitely try to edit it with this in mind, thanks for the feedback!
Hi everybody!

Apologies for the long radio silence, it has been busy times.
Just wanted to chime in again because I’m still on and off working on this project and have been making some new ones.

I’ve been working on an Asperoteuthis acanthoderma, this is the result so far:


I’ve painted a comparison diver for a better sense of scale and modeled the size of the Asperoteuthis to a large specimen found in Marathon, Florida. I’m curious what you think of it and would love some feedback on its morphology!

Thank all of you for giving me pointers on how to improve on the anatomy of the cephs, it really is a great help and I love the back and forth! I’m still working on a new version of the Taningia danae and the Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, keeping the advice in mind.

@ Mark Carnall: Awesome that you’re interested in my work! I promise to look into this and will let you know when I've found a suitable way to make and send prints.

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