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Cuttlefish Pappa - 360 degrees of cuttle!

Cheers Rich,

We'll see, I need to make big changes one way or another, either to keep a few cuttles, or to get rid completely.

The upside of this situation is that te eggs just seem to keep on coming - the little cavern underneath that base rock is now getting quite full. I reckon I now have between 40 - 50 eggs!

This maternal thing is getting weird. Everytime I look at the eggs, there is always 2 cuttles, both in the same place, both who get very aggitated if any others come close??? Maybe Bandensis, DO look after the eggs.

Anyway, the first batch are developing fast - much faster than my orginal bought eggs, and I reckon they must only be about, what, 3 weeks off at most.

Will keep you posted.
Saw an underdeveloped bable cuttle last night that had hatched. I take that it was from the first batch, as a couple of those eggs are now missing.

Those eggs from the first batch didn't look so good, so am not really suprised this guy came out early and weak.

I'm hoping to start shipping the eggs end of this week. :smile:
Just been in tank to remove eggs, ready for shipping.

I think this will has now convinced me.

I turned over the rock where the eggs were, and carefully removed them, although some were not attached an just in a large bunch, Have about 50 eggs in total so far.

Well, moved them to a breeding net to hold for now, and the adult cuttles followed them, and stayed with the net wherever i moved it in the tank.

Only 2 did this, and 2 were under the rock when i moved it.

Are bandensis maternal??? I'm saying yes!
I'd be interested in knowing whether you can tell if the ones following the eggs are the males or the females or a pair. I don't know if you know each of your cuttles that well (or if its all the possible based on external appearences alone) but if you could some how tell us, I think that would be of most interest!! Great documentation of behaviour, though!

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